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Building momentum beyond recovery


recovery: a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.

At Momentum DME, we believe every patient deserves to recover fully, but why stop at normal? We desire to help patients utilize our products and services to build momentum beyond recovery, feel better, and do more than they ever have!

To do that, we start with the best products available. Then we work with our doctors and their staff to create a seamless flow for ordering and delivery by utilizing the Momentum Secure Order application, powered by the patented HIPAA compliant Shadowbox platform. We understand a clinic staff's frustration in duplicating data entry and providing accurate medical information to fulfill multiple patient needs. Here at Momentum DME, we are experts at utilizing technology to reduce the hours spent filling out prescriptions and placing precise orders.

Our aim is to become partners with our doctors and their staff through our first-rate customer service and award-winning technology to create more time for practices to focus on what matters most: Patients.

903-224-5474 | office

903-705-6767 | fax

121 South Broadway Avenue, Suite 606

Tyler, Texas 75702

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